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About Lakeside Presbyterian Preschool


Preschool is a great period of learning, but it is more than abc's and 123's. The preschool child's job is to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.  The way children do this best is by being in a program where the emphasis is on what each can do individually.
Lakeside's Preschool & PreK  combines education and play to create programs for infants from 3 months to Pre-kindergarten. Our continuing care after the school day extends the atmosphere of fun and learning, quiet and joyful noise, enrichment programs and creative time into the afternoon.

Our Director

On behalf of the Lakeside Presbyterian Preschool staff, I would like to welcome you to Lakeside Presbyterian Preschool.


We take very seriously the trust you have placed in us to care for and nurture your child during the time he or she is enrolled in one of our weekday programs. We look forward to working with your child and you during this important period of their development.

We are committed to the belief that our program is at its best when it is a shared experience. Parent involvement is critical to the success of your child's educational experience. We encourage you to be an active participant. You will be better able to understand the curriculum of all of our classes when you are involved.

Teachers and parents need to keep the lines of communication open in order to share in formation and exchange ideas that will make this experience the very best it can be. We want this time to be a growing and learning experience for all of us; parent, child and teacher. Together, it will be!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share this very special time in your child's life.

Thank you for choosing Lakeside Presbyterian Preschool

Parent Recomendations
Kid's Drawing
  • I can't say enough good things about this daycare. Thank you for your amazing staff and how easy it has been to transition back to work for this first-time mom. They even went above and beyond to let my son come in for a random week in the summer when I needed backup care as a teacher. I am so grateful for their care and how they prioritize keeping their daycare affordable for working families!

  • The teachers and staff go above and beyond to take care of our two boys!  We love Lakeside Presbyterian preschool!

  • My daughter was 10 months old when she started at LPP. We quickly realized she was not hitting milestones and saw the world differently. At 2 years old she was diagnosed with Autism and  developmental challenges. LPP was an unwavering support for us.  LPP provided resources, support, direction, and compassion. At times my little one was a behavioral challenge. Each day I was reassured "don't worry about us, we love her." The compassion and dedication shown to families is incredible. LPP provided love and support to this very heavy Mom heart. LPP is simply amazing. 

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